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I graduated high school in 2014 and enrolled into an online real estate course in 2015 which I believed I wanted to do because I wanted to be my own boss and make my own sales. I was working three hospitality jobs at the time which I enjoyed but knew I had more to offer. As I got further into the Real Estate course I realised it wasn’t for me and wasn’t aligning with what I had imagined for myself so I stopped pursuing that and was feeling lost as to what is next for me.

Eyelash extensions weren’t really known to me, but I always got asked by customers at my jobs if I had eyelash extensions because of my long lashes and the more I got asked I wanted to know what everyone was talking about so I looked into them and in 2016 eyelash extensions weren’t as sought after as what they are today but I found it all really interesting and I was fascinated by the before & after photos businesses produced of their clients and was amazed at what a difference they can make to someone’s face. I researched and found that so many people had said how hard they are to learn and gave up after the course, so I wanted to learn from the best in the industry. I went to Lashjoy in Brisbane she is known to be the best in the biz still to this day and is a worldwide lash educator. I was on such a high when I left the course because I had developed such a passion for lashing and making women feel so beautiful when they looked in the mirror after I had finished a full set of lashes.

I lashed from my living room with a beauty bed and a bright lamp. I then followed on to lash from a busy hair salon on Bribie to create more of a professional approach. I quit two out of three jobs and chose the job that was going to give me the most flexibility to do my lash career on the side. The beauty industry was growing as social media really took off and influencers and everyday people were posting about their beauty treatments. Bribie Island lacked beauty salons so I knew there was a need for another. My mum Vicki, my sister Ashleigh and I opened Instant Results Medispa in 2017 which offered all beauty and cosmetic treatments. Out of every service we offered, eyelash extensions were the most sales we were making and were paying all our bills for the business. Fast forward 5.5 years into having our business, it has grown massively and the other services we offer are very popular now also. However, looking at our monthly figures based off the service statistics report eyelash extensions are still to this day the highest valued sales we are making at the Medispa. I truly believe that eyelash extensions are the best service to offer financially as well as the satisfaction you will receive from making women feel their best!

I have entailed many personal setbacks throughout having my business as most do but I have never let it overcome me and I know what it takes to not only create a successful business but to maintain a successful business. Which is why I have created my Lash & Brow Courses – Level Up Lashes & Brows! I want to teach this amazing skill to you to create financial freedom and  for you to enjoy your new found career. This is also a great way to introduce yourself into the beauty industry as you can dive straight into making an income for yourself from your home or salon whilst you then go onto learning another skill to offer and grow your business from there. I will also show you the ropes into creating the business you desire.